Glycine May Help With Insulin Resistance As Well

A new study published in the journal Nature Medicine (doi:10.1038/nm.2307) has found that the circulating levels of five branched-chain and aromatic amino acids had highly significant associations with future diabetes.  They found: “A combination of three amino acids predicted future diabetes (with a more than fivefold higher risk for individuals in top quartile). The results were replicated in an independent, prospective cohort. These findings underscore the potential key role of amino acid metabolism early in the pathogenesis of diabetes and suggest that amino acid profiles could aid in diabetes risk assessment.”

CHS has been researching the link between elevated branched chain amino acids and ADHD, schizophrenia, generalized anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder for several years.  We have found that genetic defects in channels allowing absorption of the amino acid glycine in the duodenum manifests as an excess of BCAAs, which are absorbed through the same channel. This differential absorption appears to reduce GABA release, affecting major body systems.

We have our clinic patients with symptoms of any of these disorders take 1/2 tsp of free form glycine powder twice per day, on an empty stomach, and get amazing symptom relief.  Glycine is best absorbed by letting it dissolve in your mouth, or mixing with water (and lemon for flavor!)  kids love the sweet taste.