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The Center for Health Science’s dedicated team of clinicians and research scientists brings the strength of scientific evidence to the treatment of health issues. CHS offers medical testing, professional guidance and scientifically proven neutraceuticals––all available without prescription or physician referral.

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Click the links to the left or the top of the page to shop or find information on your health concern. We have identified those products that require guidance for safe use. We restrict the sale of certain products found on our site to our patients and the patients of our affiliated Health Professionals.  

You must LOG IN or REGISTER on our site prior to purchasing restricted products. You will be asked to identify yourself as an existing patient of our Center, or as the patient of another qualified Health Professional.

If you are not currently under the care of a healthcare professional and wish to work with Dr. Reinhardt and CHS staff, please REGISTER and select Dr. Reinhardt as your Practitioner. You may arrange an in-person or telephone consultation by calling us at (714) 886-9026, or by visiting our Contact Us Page.

If you are a Health Professional, Dr. Reinhardt and our Staff will be happy to discuss your patients' needs and recommend specific Formulas. We are able to drop-ship our Professional Products directly to your patients when authorized by you.

CHS offers safe and effective approaches to optimal health, including the finest natural formulas from the fields of Orthomolecular Medicine, Western Herbology and Traditional and Modern Chinese Medicine. Our professional grade products reflect the strength of the latest in health science and are available without prescription.

Dr. Reinhardt and the CHS Professional Staff are available for consultations at our clinic in Cerritos, California and by teleconferencing. Please call us at (714) 886-9026 to arrange.

Evergreen Herbs™ offers a scientifically updated approach to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Thousands of years of observation and experience by Chinese healers created the basic, classical formulas that are used today. Evergreen’s updated formulation of these fundamental products follows the highest standards for Chinese herbal supplements. Evergreen chooses only the highest quality, standardized full-spectrum herbal extracts.

MicroLingual® technology greatly surpasses other nutrition delivery systems. While many oral dietary supplements pass straight through the digestive system, Superior Source® soft-molded sublingual tablets instantly dissolve under the tongue and diffuse into the blood stream. Children, the elderly and those who are unable to swallow large pills are ideal candidates for MicroLingual® vitamin tablets.


The Center for Heath Science is a Health Clinic and Professional Product Supplier offering personalized health consultations and guidance for individuals and health practitioners. CHS offers safe, effective approaches to optimal health including the finest natural formulas from the fields of Orthomolecular Medicine, Western Herbology, and Traditional and Modern Chinese Medicine.